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Thread: Bad Experience at Funan.

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    Actually, I think the TS has largely settled his comp issues. Din he mention that the shop eventually agreed to do an exchange?
    The fact of the matter is that those of you who kept on telling him to go back to HP etc are just encouraging the provision of crap customer service.
    If everyone starts to expect and asks a bit more, then shops would have no choice but to start upping their game right?

    Its one thing to get shafted, its another to apply the lube yourself.

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    errm. theres nth wrong with a 14 yr old with a laptop. i use it for video editing and a software called Autodesk for 3d design. so cant use my old laptop with the lousier specs. and i did scan my NRIC and gave them my particulars. it was in the papers (the ad) about three weeks ago. please leave age out of this discussion.

    anyway i got the new copy and its working fine. im even typing with it now.
    sorry for my ignorance if some of u are unhappy towards me.
    i didnt stay home to sulk or wad anyway. i had other stuff to focus on.
    |EOS40D|17-55 2.8|50 1.4 Sigma|190 XPROB|

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