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Thread: Hello from Kmounter!

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    Default Hello from Kmounter!

    Hi all!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Sivakumar, from Chennai (India) and living in Bangalore.
    Ever since my dad got (for himself) a Ricoh SLR back in 1980 from his Singapore trip, I had been hooked on to photography. Though he would let me take pictures only a few years later.
    I have been a K-Mount fan since then. Except for a brief period where I had a Canon EOS. After Ricoh KR, I had a XRX-3p (any one remember this?). After that I bought a Pentax PZ1p and still have it. Moved to Digital world with K200D (which I have to share it with my brother) a few months ago.
    Since then, trying to become member in various photography forum which do not sideline Pentaxians
    Very happy to find this SG based forum. Used to make frequent trips (once every couple of months) to SG to visit my head quarters and for business meetings and trainings. Haven't had the opportunity to do so in the last few years. Hoping to visit SG again soon.
    On the lookout for an used Pentax DSLR with a lens. I was planning to upgrade my P&S, but thought may be I should go for another DSLR. A K-m (K2000) with a pancake lens should be able to pass off as a P&S. Any one has a similar setup? (And planning to sell).
    Good to know you all.


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    Default Re: Hello from Kmounter!

    Welcome to CS...

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    Default Re: Hello from Kmounter!


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    Michael Lim
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    Default Re: Hello from Kmounter!

    Hello Sivakumar...welcome.
    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Default Re: Hello from Kmounter!

    Thanks for the warm welcome folks.

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    Default Re: Hello from Kmounter!

    Welcome to CS and another pentaxian!

    The pentax community here is small but we do see a slow grow. Not many bros I know here have the Pentax K-m and it is not available for sales here yet. The pentaxians here have regular gathering/outing monthly. We just had our gathering/outing last week. Do join us if there is chance when you are here in future. You can also share your photos captured with a pentax camera here.

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    I'm also using P&S. I'm thinking to upgrade mine to dslr next year.

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    Default Re: Hello from Kmounter!

    hi sivakumar,

    hope everything is well in bangalore. i did hear about some news about bombing a few months back. hope everything has returned to normal.

    cheers and welcome!


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