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Thread: Nokia E63 or Samsung i780?

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    Own both phones..Battery life go for E63, Feature, go for i780.
    I change phone very frequent, If you ask me, I think i780 is the most value for money one. Stable, battery life is accepatable, me heavy usage for business can last 2 days with one battery(Samsung give 2 battery with one destop and travel charger), can type, can surf(E63 no 3.5G), sms, video call(E63 can't), GPS (Garmin mobile in this phone is really good, E63 has no GPS), touch screen input, built in mouse etc.. Where to get this kind of phone with this price tag.. I have used so many PDA phones from O2, HTC, Dupood to Omnia etc, in term of stability, this one is the best. The rest are so expensive and only looks good but always with so many problems such as hang and bluetooth problem for O2 flame, HTC touch pro with lousy battery life, all sort of minor problems for Omnia (Hate the stylus hanging outside).

    Haven't said that, this does not imply Nokia E63 is lousy phone, in fact E51, E63, E71 are very good phones which served me well. Nokia E series normally also very stable and yet have very good battery life. But if u let me chose, I will definately go for i780.

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    Default Re: Nokia E63 or Samsung i780?

    Symbian OS vs Window Mobile OS.

    I've always preferred Symbian.

    E63 should be the cheapest hp with a Qwerty keyboard. The camera, no GPS, no HSPDA 3.5G is fine with me.

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    Default Re: Nokia E63 or Samsung i780?

    Thanks guys. I went down on Saturday, to take a look at the Nokia E63. Didn't look as nice as in real life compared to the pictures on the net. The Blue colour is pretty dull looking. Samsung i780, didn't please me much as well, and i equally hate Windows. Haha.

    My main reason at looking at the E63, was because, my existing Nokia N81, fetched a low trade in price.

    I managed to get a good trade in price for my N81 on saturday. I bought the Nokia 5800 instead.

    Thanks everyone.


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