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    using cs4...i have struggle to 'remedy' the hair. the flash has make it looks dry, and too many colour shade. any tips on how should i ps it?

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    I used a curves adjustment layer applied only to the hair. The basic idea is to make the curve steeper to increase contrast. You can also make small adjustments in the color channels to enhance color.

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    Hi Peano,

    Welcome to clubsnap.

    Hope to see you more to this website

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    hello... here's my try...

    How i do it?
    1. Use Color Replacement tool(set mode on "Color") to pick up the average color tone of hair, and paint it over the bluish tint on the hair.
    2. After replacing the color, the hair might look good enough already. But if you prefer to reduce the highlights a little bit, you can use Burn tool.
    Alternatively, what i did was selecting the highlights by using color range, feather the selection(i used 2px), then duplicate to new layer(CTRL + J). Set blending mode for this layer to multiply with opacity about 25%.

    the hair might looks kinda dry still, but that's what photography comes into importance.. =)


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