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    Hi all,

    I've taken a few pics at jurong birdpark. It looks to me that the pics are not sharp and color abit washed out. I'm using the P mode. Not sure if it's my monitor's setting though. Hope someone can help me take a look and advise me on how to improve the shots. Thanks alot.

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    hi camm,

    hmmm seems to me your pics on your bird shots are kinda over exp maybe next time you could try to set your shutter at a faster speed maybe at Shutter : 1/90 - 1/250, ISO : 400, f4.5 - f6 and maybe with an extanal flash, well this is my settings when i was there the other time too hope all this helps, no offence, overall these are pretty good shot too but i also notice your 1st pic the bird on the left close it eyes maybe you could wait till it open its eyes then go for the snap?

    Keep shooting,

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    Yeah, one of it is actually sleeping. I waited for quite a while, but it just refuse to open the eye. Do u think the pic is sharp? I'm using G2. When I first got my camera, all the pics are quite sharp and well exposed when using auto mode. But when I tried to charge my camera few months back, while charging I noticed that the metal on the camera have quite strong current flowing thru. Think my power socket is faulty. Since then, most of my pics are not sharp and exposure not accurate using the P and auto mode. Even using manual mode, i cant get it to be sharp as before. I'm quite upset about it...Is there such a thing called calibration of camera? Could it be the calibration is out due to the shock?


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    There are saturation, contrast, sharpening controls for your camera, were the shots before and after taken with the same settings?

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    Yeah, it's taken with the same settings. I've tried to set the 3 settings to high, but still the same.

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    Frankly, i think the 1st pic is pretty sharp... only gripe is that the eyes of the parrot on the right is not in focus. That could be the reason y it gives this false sense that the pic is not sharp. As for the slight overexposure, i think it is the metering (centre i guess) these shots have quite high contrast. I think the cam meter is fooled. Anyway, i kind of like it better with the eyes of the parrot on the left close. Adds more interest to the shot...


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