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Thread: is ur nikon2100 battery life draining super fast??

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    Default is ur nikon2100 battery life draining super fast??

    hi i just bought a nikon2100 today.. and used a new enegizer battery AA , but within 7mins of use the battery dies off....

    impossible so fast rite? i read abt this prob somewhere but i thgt it is solve in later batches of this cam? so how come this again?

    pls advise..

    p.s i bought this at ALAN photo

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    Are you refering to their alkaline or rechargable batt?
    If alkaline, then not surprising, but if it is the rechargable, then something wrong....... (Assuming the batt is in good condition and properly charged)

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    use your Sanyo rechargeables NiMH. Alkaline batteries are not suitable for high drain devices like digital cameras, especially those that use only 2 batteries. I used to have a camera that could take less than 10 shots with alkalines!!!! That camera could take more than 80 shots with rechargeables NiMH.
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    RETURN the camera if U STILL can.. is screw up!!! batt drain so fast, u needa generator to RUN! if u are overseas n stuck wif this cam and no rechargables but AA batts sold in hardware shops .. might as well throw it away!

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    ok i going to try my rechargable batteries in it..

    but still 5mins of energizer batteries only abit amazing.. leh...

    my canon a40 not like tat.. can use AA without no prob..

    thanks for all ur replies though

    moreover i read the new updated firmware that says this battery prob is solve so quite surprise it is still so jialat...*&p_li=

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    so u mean every body that buys the nikon 2100 .. all kana this prob???

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverxc
    so u mean every body that buys the nikon 2100 .. all kana this prob???
    I don't think so, it is sad but some just like to generalise with a single, one off experience with a certain model. I had seen quite a many CSer who are using both the 2100 and 3100, they are not complaining about it.

    From what I understand, it is highly recommended that you use NiMH batteries, common AA Alkalines are not optimised for such devices. Alternatively, you can bring it to Nikon Singapore for a checkup, for peace of mind and I believe they will give you a hint or two for this situation.

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    Unhappy sorry nikon

    hi i wish to comment that after charging the provided nikon batteries overnite..
    the cam works perfectly, no longer " battery exhausted" after a short while,

    i guess i must have mix up the exhausted sanyo 2100 batteries i use to test which I thgt its a newly charged one and thus get the same result as my new alkaline energizer out there

    sorry NIKON , wrongly accused u

    so to user or prospective buyer of nikon 2100
    dun be afraid as this is a perfectly superb and easy to use cam.

    but advice is
    1) check the version to make sure firmware is 1.1 as this update ensure battery prob is solve
    2) use only rechargable batteries and best if 2100mah
    3) have spare batteries

    just for ur info , i took 200+ pics mixture of flash and no flash , and the battery is still going strong.

    "sorry nikon"


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