Are you a wedding professional competing in an unregulated market, alone? The one and only reason that you should join WPAS as a member is that you derive an income from the wedding market. As a player in the market, you want to be part of a system or standard that can be understood, recognised or just simply be identify as a member of an association that abide by a code of conduct and practices.

Pls join us on next Wed at 7PM at PSS to hear 2 veterans share their knowledge, followed by our 1st AGM at 8.30PM. The AGM is for members only. To join, pls bring cash of $170 or cheque to be eligible to participate.

For Malay Wedding Professionals, pls come and support the resolution to create a Malay Chapter. You have to come forward to be heard and help yourself.

Looking forward to meeting all of you.