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You might want to get this then.
No s**t! I think this is even cooler than the DA35mm (ok, I know they're not the same thing at all)! Let's discuss indestructible filters instead!

But anyway, I don't have the Limiteds, but my DA* has survived totally unaffected by a drop from a shoulder slung position that put my K100D body out of commission and dented my thick and solid Hoya CPL filter screwed on the lens. I know it's not meant to take impact like Panasonic Toughbooks are and I won't want to drop it a second time. But it does tell me that the lens is tough. In fact, I think that modern lenses are suffering from more faults due to, both directly and indirectly, the electrical components built into them. So true mechanical failure of the Limiteds should be the last thing you need to worry about, as long as you're using them like a photographer, and not like a TV programme host on Discovery Channel.