Was recently caught in this really strange thunderstorm. Stepped out of the house in Jurong, bright sunny blue sky. Took bus to Bt Batok, out of the blue the sky turned dark, there were incredibly strong winds, very very heavy rain, lighting/ thunder.

By the time I got out of the bus, the rain was hitting everybody at an almost horizontal level, macam daggers. The wind was what made it hard to walk in a straight line. It was crazy and very dramatic. Like a typhoon. I'm talking trees swaying crazily, chairs toppling and rolling along the road, tables moving. A few trees even got uprooted. The aftermath really looked like one after a hurricane.

Not sure if it only affected West side of Singapore? Coz the only other reports I heard were all from people in Bt Batok, Jurong, etc. Even though it was scary, nobody around me looked scared. Think most of us were just kinda bewildered coz it was very sudden.

Anyone else got caught in this?