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Thread: $239 FOR 8 prawns

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    nother radish chopping stunt at Newton.

    The tourists really complained to all newspapers. Read it in New Paper, Straits Times, Lianhe Zaoabao, Wanbao and Shin Ming...

    $239 for 8 tiger prawns

    SIX Americans who sat down to a seafood dinner at Newton hawker centre on Saturday just about fell off their chairs when they were presented a bill for $491, including $239 for eight tiger prawns.

    Mr Michael Rigby, 30, an exhibition specialist from Oregon who comes here regularly for work, said: 'It was more than what it would have cost us at a restaurant in the hotel.'

    He said that when he asked the stallholder whether the bill had a mistake, he only got a shrug in reply. Seconds later, the man returned with four others, who he said looked to be in their 40s and well-built.

    He said: 'I guess they didn't want us to leave without paying.'

    Ironically, he and his wife, Dewi, 36, had set out to show their friends - Mr Sal Rubio, 53, his wife, daughter and son-in-law, all here for the first time - how safe, clean and honest this island city was.

    The food centre was crowded then, so when the helpers from stall 43, Tanglin Best BBQ Seafood, showed them to a table, they felt obliged to order from them.

    Besides tiger prawns, they had four crabs, baby squids, half a steamed chicken, four bottles of beer and fruit juices.

    Mrs Rigby, referring to the price of the prawns, said: 'They were prawns. It was not like we dined on lobsters!'

    She added that halfway through the meal, the stallholder even plonked two grilled sting rays on their table.

    'We told them that we did not order them and they were quickly taken away. Afraid we would be charged for them, we asked for an itemised bill. When it came, we were shocked,' she said.

    Mr Rubio, who is from Arizona, told The Straits Times that the prices seemed comparable to those of an American restaurant and thought nothing of it - until Mr Rigby queried the bill.

    My view:
    I wonder if its really worth it? But i saw the newspapers they were quite big.
    Looks quite cool, heard on 987 this morning that it was like 8 small lobsters haha, so $239 for 8 lobsters.

    The guy got fired and couldnt work as a store assistant for 1year
    The shop at newton is closed down for 3 months
    Well they have prawns to eat for 3 months right?

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    We are already doing a poll to see if there is enough interest to go outing and eat big big prawns

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    i couldnt see or i was too blind to see=[
    my bad....

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    Latest news, the shop has been suspended for 3 months.

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    Yeah i put that info there alread

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    Arrow Re: $239 FOR 8 prawns

    Some news report also states that the boss has two stalls at the Newton hawker centre . One shop close for 3 months, the other shop still earning money.

    The Americans still have to make a claim.

    Mr Rigby returned to the United States on Tuesday. If his group wants to seek compensation, they will have to go to the Small Claims Tribunal, and the STB will act on their behalf.

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    They should have asked first man.
    Make one guy lose his job.


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