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Thread: Snaky tripod Optera 460

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    The problem most photographers encounter when they attach a long lens to a dSLR camera body is that it often tends to tilt downward due to uneven weight distribution. Therefore, using a tripod may be a better idea.

    But if you find off-the-shelf tripods bulky, perhaps the Optera 460 may be more suitable for you. This device is interesting because the legs are non-extendable and one of them is much longer than the rest. By bending the longer extension at different angles, you can use it to support longer lenses and prevent the camera and lens from tipping over.

    This idea may sound simple, but the Optera 460 doesn't come cheap. Retailing at US$69.99, it is available from Trek-Tech's Web site. But considering how much your camera and lens equipment costs, it's a small price to pay for a peace of mind.

    looks weird!

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    looks absolutely weird and ugly!

    and the height is only about 500mm??

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    Whats the use? 5cm off the ground?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GavinTing View Post
    Whats the use? 5cm off the ground?
    Good for paparazzi ambushing an unsuspecting celebrity sunbathing in the buff.


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