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Thread: $1.50 chicken rice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sion View Post
    For yesterday lunch I ate a plate of $1 chicken rice, a bowl of $1 noodle soup, a bowl of $1 prawn mee, a plate of $1 mixed salad and a plate of $1 fried mee hoon.

    Still not full!
    you should order adult meal for yourself, not from kid's menu.
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    Arrow Re: $1.50 chicken rice

    Some photos to share, shop at Boon Lay MRT station.

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    Quote Originally Posted by contaxable View Post
    In fact, several chicken rice operators do not cook their chicken anymore. They depend on third party. You will be surprised that even branded stores take oem meat, but i cant reveal their names here. There is a difference between frozen (cooked) chicken and those cooked on site or freshly cooked daily by third party. The frozen ones are usually cheaper but had been stored for a while. Not everyone can taste the difference.
    Wah OEM meat.. IT show got sale anot?

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