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Thread: Need help from any FZ20 user...

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    Default Need help from any FZ20 user...

    My battery whenever slotted into the charger for charging, won't charge, the led on the charger will light up for just a second or two and will go off again.

    I need to determine if my battery or charger is the faulty one, before I start buying, (damn of course I hope its not the camera), any of you guys experience this?

    Camera is useless now without the only battery I have...

    Thanks for any info...

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    Default Re: Need help from any FZ20 user...

    I THINK I encountered this before. What I'd do is to turn off the power supply, unplug the cable from the charger, plug it back in and make sure it's secure, then turn on the power again and try charging. How did u survive on one battery anyway? Haha! I would get another battery from somewhere and test the charger. If a new battery encounters the same problem, it could be the charger.

    I've bought new 3rd party batteries from Orient Photo at Sim Lim Square before... $20. But when you buy it, do a check to make sure the batteries aren't bulged. U can test this by placing the battery on the table or any flat surface and try to spin it. If it's bulging, it spins pretty freely like a top. If so, get another one that's not bulging.
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    Default Re: Need help from any FZ20 user...

    Haha, cheers...
    $20, I will adhere your advise...



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