hehe ck the e1 is aimed alightly higher than the 10D lah... and is lighter to boot (iirc )
and f/2.8-3.5 ED 28mm-105mm at $1k5? this one not sure though... hee

frankly the FF thing is allow use of ur film lenses, so oly has the dis/advantage of starting fresh. so it is FF, cos it's the ONLY body now haha... yeah?

and the rhetoric of noise and etc have to be updated regularly -- else we'd still be using petrol engines cos electric cars *never* run fast enough.

I think some issues wd be confusing - like angle of coverage (not FOV) and bokeh, these aren't the same as 35mms (just like medium format).

since the lenses look like 35mm-sized ones I guess any decent glass is superb on the 4/3 sensor, but I think the electronic MF a bit hard to use since nothing beats fingers switching between fast and slow focusing.

seems to have the FTMF but the jap guy (also a Goto) couldn't comm very well with me.

performance wise I think yeah it's pro-body but neither here nor there in specs to fight the big 2.
but dun have wireless TTL right?

and seriously they can make some f/1.0 lenses too just to market -- and it will not look like a flowerpot like Canon's!