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Thread: Nepal: Photokhichne expedition 2003 team report

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    Behind the viewfinder...


    welcome back tot he Film world Tom.. heh heh heh..

    I'm just rediscovering the joy of colour sats in slides, the true b&w tonal in ifords and TriX..... forget Digital..
    maybe for now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomshen
    I think later we will organize a slide/print show together will some online article about Nepal trip. Really really a good trip. Wish you all could be there with us.

    Definitely looking forward to your upcoming slides show

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    Quote Originally Posted by SniperD
    I'm just rediscovering the joy of colour sats in slides, the true b&w tonal in ifords and TriX..... forget Digital..
    maybe for now...
    But how can you transfer those beautiful color from slides to print?
    I've tried many times, be it slide to print or scan first then print as digital image. Both are never accurate, and never looks as lovely as in the slides.

    So what's the point of shooting slides???

    Or perhaps you can recommend one really good lab that can print the slide as is?

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    looking forward to this slide show event... Kambateh Tom and the team...

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    hey Tom and gang,

    Nice meeting you chaps in Kathmandu (2 weeks ago if you remember me). Am still here banging away at the keyboard. Will fly off tomorrow.

    It is an eventful trip for me .. Seen quite a few charred buses blew up by Maoist .. long traffic congestion in mountain roads (due to Army checks ) ... took a scenic route ( lots of mountain roads whereby car tyres are separated from the valley gorge by 6 inch ) to Chitwan , and from Chitwan to Pokhara ( each trip took me 10 hours ) .. spectacular Sunrise and Sunset in Annapurna range ( magnificent ! )

    Next time, I think I will settle for a digital camera instead of lugging my 3 lenses and body when I trek. Those weight was really a killer during my 6 day trek to Gorephani ( Poon Hill ). On first day itself got the porter to carry the tripod .. just too much for me..hehe.

    When I was in Pokhara ( after the trek ) , the weather was magnificient , could see the Annapurna range from my hotel roof top. A pity that the mountains were covered by clouds when I did Paragliding. Let's hope those pictures captured while I was in the air come out.


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    U were the one who went with Universal Tours? U were one of the 2 that we met on the side road outside Hotel Vaishalli?

    Want to show us your pictures. Annapurna range was cloudy on the day we shot. We are meeting as a group to discuss and share our pictures probably end of next week. We are taking a longer time with our pics as some of us send our slides for printing n scan to CD "overseas". Much cheaper as we have a lot of rolls.

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    Team Photokhichne - hey guys check your emails regarding t-shirts.

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    hi Kingpin,

    yes, that was me. Am getting my pics printed ( a lot of junk there that needs to be sorted out ). Let me know when you plan to have a gathering.

    cheers !

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