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Thread: Clubsnap & Nikon Singapore Wildlife Photography Shoot/Workshop 2003 (8 Nov 2003)

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    Due to some urgent job commitment, I will not be able to participate in the workshop. Someone in the reserve list gets a chance.

    Have Fun, Folks!

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    Major Updates
    ... as of 7 Nov 2003

    Finalised Timeframe
    The official timeframe for this workshop is 7:45am to 2:00pm (extensible to 3pm if there is a delay/rain earlier). For those who are taking the transport, please note that the gathering time is 7am SHARP outside the Mcdonald's restaurant at Tiong Bahru Plaza (above Tiong Bahru MRT stn).

    End of Registration
    Registration is now officially closed, the 30 participants in the main list have paid and confirmed their participation. My sincere apologies for those in the reserve list for the limited placings in this workshop. Thank you again for your interest, we hope to see you in our next outing.

    For those who are turning up for the workshop, I will be putting up a new thread on our plan, things-to-do and bring, etc. Do stay tuned for this thread by Wednesday.

    Thank you.

    List updated as on 2 Nov, 1:00am
    Registration Closed

    Clubsnap & Nikon Singapore Wildlife Photography Shoot/Workshop
    1. xdivider [Received PM]FEE PAID
    2. hackie [Received PM] FEE PAID
    3. sfhuang [Received PM] FEE PAID
    4. Katherine [Received PM] FEE PAID
    5. lensman [Received PM] FEE PAID
    6. Lavenderlilz [Received PM] FEE PAID
    7. cyanbloodbane [Received PM] FEE PAID
    8. AJ23 [Received PM] FEE PAID
    9. Knighthunter [Received PM] FEE PAID
    10. espn [Received PM] FEE PAID
    11. shmott [Received PM] FEE PAID
    12. tert [Received PM]FEE PAID
    13. scanner [Received PM] FEE PAID
    14. evc [Received PM] FEE PAID
    15. nuts [Received PM] FEE PAID
    16. Nikonian Foo [Received PM] FEE PAID
    17. Jaron [Received PM] FEE PAID
    18. airforce1 [Received PM] FEE PAID
    19. wiseguy [Received PM] FEE PAID
    20. Catalyst [Received PM] FEE PAID
    21. marktan [Received PM] FEE PAID
    22. Tony [Received PM]FEE PAID
    23. lieu9310 [Received PM] FEE PAID
    24. iz_k [Received PM] FEE PAID
    25. binbeto [Received PM] FEE PAID
    26. 1bg1 [Received PM] FEE PAID
    27. CYRN [Received PM] FEE PAID
    28. Magixshoe [Received PM] FEE PAID
    29. MeNaCeWu [Received PM] FEE PAID
    30. Cursor [Received PM] FEE PAID

    Reserve List
    1. junyang [Received PM]
    2. Jcryan55 [Received PM]
    3. Andyap [Received PM]
    4. MoriMori [Received PM] FEE PAID
    5. bushfire [Received PM]
    6. wibawa [Received PM]
    7. nemesis32 [Received PM]
    8. Dagger [Received PM]
    9. teowws [Received PM]
    10. LEO [Received PM] FEE PAID
    11. sykestang [Received PM] FEE PAID
    12. otakku9
    13. tsavoy88

    PS. Optional payment in the reserve list is no longer accepted, we shall be informing those in the reserve list in any possible opening in the main list if it shows up by this week. Thank you all for your participation

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