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Thread: What you see and what others see

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    Default What you see and what others see

    i think its tough to get a what-you-see-is-what-others-see picture.
    1st, u have ur cam's LCD display,
    then, u have ur pc's monitor display,
    finally, others see on their own monitor display.

    each display has their own brightness/contrast settings, how do you know what you see is what they see?

    and if you send for print, the print shop has their own settings. wat kind of file format, size, and kind of pp is suited for printing?

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    Even when you shoot with viewfinder, what you see is not what you get in term of brigtness cos it does not take into account camera apperture & speed

    Camera LCD -> the brightness level can be deceiving and much affected by ambient light. Just take the shot and leave it there. Shoot raw so you can adjust better. Some camera LCD sux, I know my olympus DSLR camera LCD can deceive, compare with other brand. Shot look lousy but when download to PC and see to monitor/LCD.. WOW, looks good!
    PC monitor / LCD -> calibrate
    Print shop -> ask them to print as is, no change in setting, send them jpeg. What print are you doing? 4R? A4? A0? To cover sim lim square?
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    Default Re: What you see and what others see

    Make sure your calibration settings are referred to.
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    I don't think the camera LCD is much of a factor such that what-you-see-is-what-others-see. What ultimately affects is your PC calibration and printing instructions. So make sure you take care of these areas.


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