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    I am new to this forum and an amateur photographer. I am very interested in nature and wildlife photography. Can someone guide me as to how can I learn more this? Also I recently sold my D80 and have bought a D300. In D80 for nature photos I used to use the vivid color mode to get more colorful pics but in D300 I am unable to understand how to enhance the color. Can anymore guide how to enhance/manage the color?

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    As suggested, pls read up more in the Nikon sub-forum. There are loads of thread on how to improve the colours and saturation. Do consider using custom setting for this.

    Also after shooting and during the editing phase, you can choose to increase the saturation and contrast using levels and curves.
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    welcome and do learn how to use photo shop! It'll save your photos!

    In addition to the curves try the selective colour tool too!


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