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Thread: Mount Fuji

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    Default Mount Fuji

    Shot with a E510, 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5

    Focal Length: 14mm
    ISO: 100
    Aperture: f/3.2

    Vacation shot at Japan. Taken while on a moving bus.

    Wanted to portray a touristy destination differently, as compared to the usual head on shots. Edited to give the cinematic effect.

    Would like critique on:
    1) Composition (is there a clash between the sky and the grass fields?)
    2) Post processing (colours, as well as the banding)

    Any other general comments are welcomed! Thanks.

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    Default Re: Mount Fuji

    Beautiful clouds formation. The colour seems a bit stark for me, that's personal.
    do not understand " head on " shot of Mt. Fuji is how ? So is this a three quarter view or side profile ?
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    interesting processing and color palette, i quite like it.

    the trouble is composition - why the split horizon smack in the centre?

    and also, what is that thing sticking into mount fuji in the foreground? it is distracting, better to take a short walk, if possible, such that it is excluded.

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    Default Re: Mount Fuji

    The horizontal line is not straight. But I love the colours you have here.

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    Most pictures I see show Mount Fuji alone, without its surroundings, hence I thought it'd be slightly different to present it this way.

    As for the split thing, noted. Thanks. Wanted to have the sides of the mountain extend gradually, hence the crop with the split closer to the centre.

    The stick thing's a fence. Can be seen more clearly if it's a bigger version. Point taken as well.


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    interesting interesting.
    16:9 makes it look better too.

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    Default Re: Mount Fuji

    i didnt quite like the mountain in the middle. actually its ok but maybe it lacks a human or a living subject. but the colors and processing are lovely. looks like movie scene :P try a 16:9 crop?
    picture perfect

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    I like the pp you did for the colours. Very rich and cinematic. I don't mind the fence jutting out in the foreground (you have those even in oscar-winning movies!). Only qualm is that it is slightly tilted. Overall, a very good capture from a moving bus. :O

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    Btw, is it taken behind windscreen or just clear opening, but you'd manage to avoid vibration from the moving bus that's a difficult task to handle.

    on closer look, there is a thin line across the picture, should be a wire stretching from that pole.
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    Point noted about the tilt. The photo itself is in a 16:9 ratio. The black bars added creates the 4/3 aspect ratio.

    And yup, the fine line's the wire. Taken behind the glass window. Took quite a few, and this was the best for the lot.

    New edit (Straightened horizon, changed crop slightly, 3:2 ratio now)



    EDIT: Hope this is not against the rules. If it is, please help me remove the post! Thanks!
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