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    I don't know whether this is the right place but the emphasis is strictly on improving my birding skills.

    Let's admit.....some of the shots by the contributors are really STUNNING, Good and mouth watering Nat Geo should have a look here if they are interested in compiling shots of Singapore birds.

    For example (n please forgive me if I didn't mention your contributions); the peregrine that was eating the myna, the winter Sand Martin shots, Buteo's ****, Deswitch's Sunbirds, The 10 different KingFishers etc.

    I know having good/right equipment is a necessary condition ie. adequate zoom lens, tripod, etc.
    And of course getting the right shots come with shooting n more shooting at the appropriate settings.

    The questions I like to ask is this: do you guys do a lot of PP in these shots? Because some of the sharpness seen is beyond comprehension!

    And if PP is done, does it really make a real difference between the original shot n the end result? I would appreciate if you could really post some pics that show the Before n After PP.

    Thanks for helping this amateur enthusiast.

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    PP is done a bit, a lot of the time is the gear the bird photographers use, the skills of photographers.

    For bird photographers, skills and gears are very important. How fast the photographers react with the exposure settings, how fast the gear can focus on the objects and how far can your gear can reach the bird without disturbing it and how well you know the behaviour of the bird and how patience you have for the bird.


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