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Thread: Lightroom 2: Saving Non-destructive editing

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    Default Lightroom 2: Saving Non-destructive editing

    Hello guys! I've got an LR2 question.

    Here's the sitch. I want to reformat my computer. All my photos are on an externally powered harddrive (risky, I know, I'm going to get a backup soon), and I've had numerous edits to a majority of my photographs.

    However, I have come to expect a problem. When I reformat my computer, install lightroom, and import my photos-- they will not have the saved editing data on them, because they are still the RAW .CR2 files.

    May I know how I can preserve this editing? I know there's file-format for LR2 that's used for saving editing purposes, but how do I do that for every photo automatically?

    In summary:

    I have done lots of editing. I'm going to reformat my comp, install LR2 and import back the photos. I want the editing settings to be exactly the same. Photographs will not be moved, only LR2 will be uninstalled when reformatted, and installed.

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    Default Re: Lightroom 2: Saving Non-destructive editing

    backup your LR catalogue first.
    After you reinstall your pc, open the catalogue and then redefine the image location (may be locate at your external HDD)
    That's how I normally do when I use other computer and continue editing from previous day work.
    I hope it helps.

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    Default Re: Lightroom 2: Saving Non-destructive editing

    Yup, that's the beauty of LR's catalog system.

    Downside is you're stuck with LR if you want to preserve them. I dunno if Aperture/others are able to import that kind of data.
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    Default Re: Lightroom 2: Saving Non-destructive editing

    go to Edit>catalog settings>metadata> check the box saying 'automatically write changes to XMP'

    THEN select all your pictures from ur library and press ctrl+s to save the metadata of the ones you've edited in the past.

    that's it.


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