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Thread: Models? New to Clubsnap, need help

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    Default Models? New to Clubsnap, need help

    I am an artist fr USA, still learning my way around Clubsnap.
    Have art showing presently in L.A., have done a few workshops at Lasalle here, and am under representation by firm in U.S.

    Needless to say, I humbly seek contacts in art photography here, shooting partners, models, etc. I do have one or two shooting partners, but need to expand. I am supposed to start project in April- and need a model for that project- (but not a fashion model per se).

    I would be appreciative of your responses and/or perusal through my Flickr site.


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    Default Re: Models? New to Clubsnap, need help

    There's a "Services wanted" forum section for a reason...


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