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    A friend of mine have had a Singapore based company for the last 2 years which has never really traded as I am busy doing work elsewhere.

    He has been wanting to close this company down any sooner.

    The company in Singapore that provides me Company Secretary and Secretarial Services has indicated that they will charge me S$1000 to do this. This seems a bit on the expensive side as it seems with my Singpass I can do this online for about $50.

    Am I missing something are there other forms or things that need to happen?
    Is there an order I need to do things like close the company bank accounts first?

    Has anyone done this or understands what is required or has any advice on the best way to achieve this?

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    If the company has never traded before, you can do a striking off. Go to the ACRA website to learn more.

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    ah. corporate secretarial matters. haven't done such for a few years. rusty. striking it off seems a viable option.


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