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Thread: Sony A300 vs Nikon D60

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    Quote Originally Posted by navlem View Post
    This is A300's viewfinder, A700 does not look like this.

    OK... Think I was confused...

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrylai View Post
    Hi all. I'm a very new bird and I have intentions of getting a DSLR. I need some valuable advise on which is better. Sony A300 or Nikon D60.

    Would also like to know if both are compatible with 3rd party lens?

    I've heard accessories for Sony will be more expensive as compared to Nikon. Is it true?

    It will be good if you can let me know the pros and cons of both camera if possible.
    Just ask youself this question before you decide: What you are going to take with the DSLR you wanting? Family photos? Sceneries? Macro?

    When I was deciding on DSLR 3 mths back, I was only deciding on either Canon 450D or D90 or D60...Sony has never came into my mind before until I tried it out at SITEX booth. In fact I have borrowed my friend's D40 for 2 weeks as trial, so I can comment on the difference on these 2 models.

    As my primary reason to go DSLR is to take good quality photos of my family, esp my son, I would need something that is not so bulky and have good "PnS" features which my wife will be using the cam as well.

    Features like SUPER FAST AF in LiveView is something no one else does better than Sony at this point in time for DSLR.

    If you have heard that Nikon and Canon accessories/lens are cheaper, better range and easily found, then you have not research enough or you have been "blinded" by those who are only concerned with branding. Being in the market for a long time does not necessary mean they are better.

    Take for example for Ford/VW: They are the ones who invented the car and the first one who mass produce cars, so does it mean their cars are better? You should get what I mean...

    Sony actually has quite comprehensive lens collection to handle almost every requirements and with their CZ lens, it's hard to beat. Accessories like flashguns are also slightly cheaper than C/N equivalent ones.

    Canon/Nikon may boast their huge collection of lens, but be aware that cheaper range of their lens quality are so-so only and only SUPER expensive L or D lens are good and they can be 2-3 times more expensive than 3rd party ones.

    As you can see, I mostly use 3rd party lens from Sigma and Tamron, so you should know there's no problem in that and you could also get 2nd hand Minolta lens from here at good prices.

    If you are only concern with picture quality, then you shouldn't be looking at only these 2 model, you should be aiming at D700/D3X or even 40D/5DMkII/1Dm3, etc...which is exorbitantly expensive in my opinion to take only family photos as I am not earning a living as a professional photographer.

    Ok enough said, I do not want to be flamed as a Sony supporter, I am just stating my true experience to you as a humble consumer who wish to take good photos of my son.

    IN summary:

    Sony A300:
    + FAST AF LIVEVIEW (As fast as OVF)
    + Solid built
    + In-body stabilizer
    + Tilting LCD
    + Affordable lens collection
    + Parts/accessories available easily (Sonystyle)
    + Good service from Sony Service Center (Free Sensor cleaning during warranty)
    + 9 point AF
    + Easy menu access, easy learning curve (I did not even read the manual)
    + Made in Japan
    - High ISO (Above 800) noisier than other brands
    - A bit loud shutter sound (but sounds more confident)
    - Heavier than D60 or 450D
    - Uses only CF Card
    - Small OVF

    Nikon D60:
    + Good ISO performance up till 800 and even 1600
    + Small body size
    + Light weight
    + Uses SD Card
    + Solid built body
    + Big OVF
    + Shutter sound is good and quiet
    - Made in Thailand
    - No in-built Stabilizer (and VR lens are expensive, except for kit lens)
    - No in-built AF motor (Can't AF with lens without motor)
    - 3 AF points only
    - No liveview
    - Menus are hard to navigate
    - Not as intuitive to use for beginners

    Just my comments...
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    Default Re: Sony A300 vs Nikon D60

    Given only the two models to choose... I would take the Sony A300 without a doubt.

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    should compare A200 to D60. ANyway D60 is one of the smaller and lighter entry level DSLR after the Oly E4xx series. The Sony entry level bodies are bigger.

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    I personally was in this situation before, I was comtemplating between A300, 450D and D60. I chose A300, and I didn't regret my decision.
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    Entry level DSLR, feels plastic?

    My advice, go look at a Pentax K200D and feel the difference.

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    hahahah!!!! ur right!!

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