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    Default Analog Light Meter

    Been interested to get an analog light meter recently but not very sure what's a good one to start with.

    Have come across like Gossen Pilot, Sekonic L-398M and others.
    There's also those that run on batteries and those that don't (selenium cell) which are confusing me.

    What should I be looking out for?
    Hope to get the experienced users here to share some tips and recommendations.


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    Smile Re: Analog Light Meter

    any analog ones will do. they are cheaper than digital ones.

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    Default Re: Analog Light Meter

    Yup. Definitely price is a factor why I'm getting an analog one.

    What's the pros and cons to a non-battery and battery operated one?

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    Default Re: Analog Light Meter

    Those light meters that use silicon photodiodes as the photocell to measure light will require batteries for operation.

    Senior members, correct me if I am wrong, the ones that use selenium do not require batteries because selenium generate a charge when exposed to sunlight. This charge will move the needle on the analog meter. The disadvantage with this type of photocell is that it has a "memory" effect. That means that if you just measured under bright sunlight and then immediately move indoors to measure, the indoor reading will be inaccurate. You need to wait for a few of minutes for the selenium photocell to "settle down" or discharge the excess charge from the outdoor measurement. You can still get accurate measurements if you are aware of this weakness, just wait only. The battery-operated ones do not have this weakness....but if you happen to be in a remote location with no possibility of buying fresh batteries, the selenium ones are the winners!

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    Default Re: Analog Light Meter

    Am I right to say the selenium ones would not work in low light conditions?

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    Default Re: Analog Light Meter

    I just got myself a Sekonic L-208 for $113 at Cathay Photo. Works well for me as a simple light meter for my TLRs so far.

    Selenium powered ones might not last as long as battery powered ones due to degeneration of the selenium, right?
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