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Thread: Hoya UV guard (coated)

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    Default Hoya UV guard (coated)

    Hi guys,
    As above, does that mean it is a single coated filter?

    Was quoted S$50 for 67mm, is that ex?Thks.

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    Hoya have several different grades. Basic double coated UV filter should be no more than $25.
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    Yes I understand that theres different grade.
    I see from the rim it only says UV guard(coated), that means its only the single layer coated rite?thks.
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    Default Re: Hoya UV guard (coated)

    You can also check the equipment threads here, the prices have not much changed over the time. Pretty stable.

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    I think the one that says UV guard on the side is the cheaper one. Around $25 or less when i bought a 58mm one


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