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    Hi there,

    I am pretty new with my camera. Just started it like one month ago?
    This is one of the image i've captured when i was in Chiang Mai.
    This little girl totally caught my attention and i just couldn't stop taking pictures of her.
    But this will be one of the better shot which i decided to ask for advise.

    C & C please. I would also like to ask if there is any other lens that would allow me to capture better close up portraits.

    I am using Canon 450D... 18-55mm kit lens... ISO 400... B/W image... I couldn't rem the shutter speed and the rest when capture this image.

    Please advise for portrait lens as i am still very new to this.
    Thank you

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    New camera. One month into photography.

    Though not a masterpiece, but the picture however captured the expression of this little girl, give a kind a message like...why ? me ? wat's he doing ?

    Personally I would have prefers 90 - 135 mm ( 35mm equivalent ) for portraiture. your current lenses focal range is okay, try using the far end of it for portraiture. Get the best of it before buying another lens.

    Do some readings on photography between shoots will keep you progressing. Start from basic and slowly progress, it takes times, but be patience, results will show.
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    were you at face level when you took this? it looks like a slightly top-down vantage point.

    also - why black and white? did you shoot this in black and white preset mode in your camera? if so, why? do you think the black and white treatment works well. if so, why?

    btw, i would not advise ever, ever using in-camera black and white; unless the preset is much to your liking, there is far too little control for a process (color --> bnw conversion) that needs a lot more than what people give it credit for.

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    I kinda like the mood and the expression here. The black and white feel works for me as well. However i felt it's a little too dark. Perhaps you needa brighten up a little.
    and like what cabbySHE had mentioned, do give a little write up.

    Shoot more, and read more. You'll be on the right track in a short time. Happy shooting!

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    Image is underexposed. Contrast is way too low. Everything is either in the midtones or the shadows. It's all a shade of grey or black. If you're using the in-camera grayscale mode, I'd suggest going to this website to learn about shooting in colour and converting to grayscale. You get a better look with the colour to grayscale method.

    Your lens can actually do close portraits pretty well, but you need to know your equipment. First, try to shoot kids at their level, not shoot them from above, as it is unflattering. Secondly, try not to use to short a focal length. The wideness of the lens will exaggerate details nearer to the camera, as is seen here, where the forehead looks to be slightly exaggerated. Using a focal length of around 55mm works better than 18mm.

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    TS, mayb u can consider get 50mm f1.4, if u rich can go for f1.2 but if u on budget n f1.4 is too much, can still go for f1.8... but f1.8 is not as good as the other 2 lens..

    also can go for 85mm f1.8, if u like to take half body alot... if u rich enough then go for f1.4...

    don't worried so much, just keep shooting n don't give up.. kit lens can do good shoot too, but just it not sharp enough...
    我只是個陌生人 =x

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    Hi there, Thanks for all the important feedback.

    I will keep them in mind and try harder with it.

    I set it as B/W, which i personally feel that a B/W photograph will give a very emotional kind of feeling. But at the end of the shoot, i totally regret it. Should have capture it in colour and do some photoshop edit to decide, a colour photograph would speak more or a B/W.

    But overall, really thanks for the precious feedback.

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    Its still a wonderful shot in B/W.
    The least u can do is to go into PS and adjust the levels.

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    i pp a bit - increase contrast, added lens blur(bokeh). i did it in like its not the best yet...but this will give u some idea on how to do it.
    this will draw more attention to the face/eyes . which is critial in such a shot
    hope u like this..
    just let me know if u want it taken down.
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    Hey! Thanks.

    That really gave me an idea on how to improve it.
    I get what you mean. I guess my image is still too flat.

    I guess PS really does magic on some photos.

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    With all the sound, helpful and useful advices given, you should table it out, note it down and apply them in your next session of portraiture. We are expect something better from your next posting, otherwise will be disappointed. Cheers.


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