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    hi.....this photo was taken before i know anything about aperture or shutter speed....but i really like the feeling of it. it was taken at a mini killing field in siem reap, showing the skulls on display n the reflection of a buddha statue on the somehow feels tat the buddha is watching over them.

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    You've got a great concept, however, limited by your photographic skill and knowledge, the photo here is unable to let viewer understood the whole story of your intention.

    Seems like now you'd acquired some knowledge of photography, is it possible for a reshoot ?

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    I wouldn't know there's a buddha behind if I don't read on your description. Perhaps you can brighten the scene next time.
    Composition wise, it really tells a story to me if every details had been brought up (too dark in this case).
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    unique idea but i really cant see the buddha at all. the skulls dont bring out the creepy effect as well.. hmm

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    yeap, i totally didn't see the buddha at first.

    i feel that the skulls should be way more sharper if they're your main subject here.
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    good try there concept wise, you probably should consider going there again, I'm sure with more knowledge you can definitely get a better shot of this subject. =)

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    Could not see the buddha... to me it is the killing field..

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    Jokes aside, I couldn't find the Buddha at first, then I realised that the reflection of the Buddha can be traced from the top of the photo (the smaller shadow near the center, a little bit to the right) where the pointy crown of the Buddha is and the side profile of the Buddha's face can traced to be facing a long rectangular black area at the right of the photo. I may be wrong. Hopefully, Cowabunga can elaborate and point out to us where the reflection is.

    Also, since Cowabuga had mentioned that the photo was taken without some basic knowledge of photography, it will not be fair to comment about the technicals. Based on composition alone, I feel that Cowabunga had an idea what he/she hoped to achieve, just that the end result was an invisible Buddha over a couple of skulls.

    To improve this shot, I feel that we could have taken a horizontal shot to capture more skulls and of course to make the Buddha's profile stand out a little more.

    Finally, the title "God Bless" doesn't really relate to the description.

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    sad... i would have used "R.I.P" s a title.. Cheers!!

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    What I find interesting abt this photo is that if it is flipped horizonal, the image will look more 'proper/comfortable', based on the usualy left to right flow of things 'rule'. But that it works this way as well in this case, case its not meant to be.

    I realized that a skull totally horizontal, and facing left is lots more 'uncomfortable' seems.
    Thats how I feel anyway.


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