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    Default embedded colour profiles

    I've been using embedded sRGB JPEGs on PS. Monitor was alos set to sRGB colour space.

    But when I save to the web, the skin tones were RED.

    Did I went wrong somewhere?
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    Assign your monitor sRGB profile to your image before you save to web. Or work in your monitor sRGB profile all the time if you want the convenience. I'm not sure if I'm making sense to say that the sRGB profile you embedded may not match your monitor's sRGB? Becoz for me I'm using a custom monitor profile.

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    Wanted to use 1 profile (my monitor) for all apps. But it's seemed only PS and nikonView are using it. My IE and other programs colour is not the same.

    Any idea how to standardise them? I'm using XP.
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    ??? Monitor profile means that the the monitor is using that colour space. Which OS are you using?

    Try using Adobe Gamma to tweak your monitor colours again and see if it helps.

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    Colour management does not work that way. You can't use just 1 single profile for everything. Your monitor uses its own unique colour space (not sRGB), thus has to be profiled using Adobe Gamma, for example, or similar. Your picture, depending on the application, must have its own colour space too. In your case it is for web use, I presume, so u should be using the sRGB colour space for them.

    Converting the pictures to the colour space of your monitor and embedding the monitor profile, for that matter, will only ensure that the pictures will appear accurate on your own monitor and probably no one else's calibrated monitor, that is unless they are using calibrated monitors of the same make and model as you.

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    My monitor...LCD have an OSD option of "sRGB" in the colour setting...I'm using it.

    For PS, I set it to the standard sRGB profile.

    What I see on the Web sites from IE, the pix colours are excellent. When I match my PS pix for the same saturation setting...but when I load in IE, the colours are a disaster Imagine...a REALLY RED skin colour..
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