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Thread: When's the youngest you got a dSLR?

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    Default When's the youngest you got a dSLR?


    I'm a journalism student from NTU doing a trend story. Noticed my friends saving and scrimping just to get a dSLR and it's not cheap (for student standards)! And photography enthusiasts seem to get younger? To be serious enough to upgrade from a PnS to a dSLR..

    So I'd like to ask you all when did you get your first dSLR and why? Do you plan to go pro one day? Does taking up photo assignments earn you some extra? Or is it for some charitable purpose like those wonderful photo essays of disaster victims?

    Please contribute and thank you in advance for your help! And sorry I need to limit my article to Singaporeans as it's a local trend story. If you are from overseas please feel free to share too as it's always nice to know more people's stories.


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    Default Re: When's the youngest you got a dSLR?

    You from NTU too? Haha your title's a little confusing.

    Signed up just to do this survey?

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    Default Re: When's the youngest you got a dSLR?

    Do not post same question in multiple forums.

    When did you get a dSLR>?

    btw, when I start photography, there wasn't have any automatic camera yet.
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    Default Re: When's the youngest you got a dSLR?

    I've heard of and also know alot of teens who get a DSLR as either a fashion trend or simply because their friends have it. Yes there are those who are genuinely passionate in photography. However in my point of view, I am confident to state the first two factors as this group of people you are studying about are around my age level and alot of them get it because of it.

    I'm sure you see young girls slinging their bare and exposed DSLRs like a sling bag either side ways or diagonally. They are not seen having even a small bag for it and it is like a fashion statement for them. Im sure most of you are aware that it has been raining alot these few days. Just yesterday, this girl was still slinging her camera like a bag in the drizzle at orchard road with her group of friends. The poor 1000D....

    However, we may look at it as a way of promoting photography. They may really get into photography one day who knows!

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