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    Hi, anyone have heard of this agency Was wondering if they actually took the photos themselves because someone actually thought that I was part of it. Complete nonsence.

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    You guys might want to drop them a note about removing their water mark on those pictures you took because some of my photographers / models whom I knew did not give them the permission to place the water mark on top of those pictures.

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    wow, shameless indeed.

    here are the contact details:

    Need Our Consultation? Want to Talk to Us ?

    Mr Ken Ong, Accounts Manager or

    Ms Ana Ong, Creative/Talent Manager

    Email :-

    Phone :- 31500896 (Please do not input a digit 6 in front of the number)
    Mobile :- 9336 8354 (Ken) / 9023 1977 (Ana)

    Fax :- 64581207

    Address :- Vbox 886 505

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    Thanks for the information.

    Was surprised to find our logo on their "special thanks" section.....they did not even make an attempt to communicate with us for permission.

    Didn't know of their existence until I saw this thread.

    Thanks again for rising this issue here.

    *just called them up and requested them to remove our logo. Suprisingly they dont't even know the people those watermarks belongs to and didn't even know that we are also an agency.
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    I also found some of my photos there and told them about the copyright infringement. They are just taking the easier way to get photos for use in their website by asking models to provide. The other way of arranging shoots for model intakes is probably too expensive for them. They do take quick action to remove photos after being informed about infringing my copyright though.

    Thanks for bring this matter up.
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    Thank you for all comments

    I'm sorry to have wait until now then reply due to publicity of my gals
    taking part in FHM GND 2009.

    My apologies on behalf of my web designer.
    To show my sincerity, email me if you need any models.
    I will personally quote you a good rate plus free passes to my in-house events 2009.

    Thank you.


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