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    I was taking a stroll in the neighborhood trying to snap some candids. Came across this two motorbikes parked side by side.

    I find it quite interesting that a 'newer generation' motorbike with a sticker "我" (me) was parked next to one with 'retro' look. it looks like the motorbike with sticker try to distinct itself from the one next to it.

    Post-processing: de-saturation and slight sharpening in Picassa

    Shot handheld at 1/8, f1.4, iso800

    I would like to seek critique in composition. Thanks!

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    Hey there.
    IMHO, you've composed the image against a very distracting background, which doesn't make the two bikes stand out.
    i suppose this picture would have turned out better if you took it head on with the bikes.
    anw, try lightening up this picture a bit, it's a lil' underexposed.

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    the yellow cast is too overbearing.

    but it doesn't matter, because the picture is much too cluttered in the first place. what HTCahHTC has mentioned is spot on. , but i am not even sure if there's even a plausible angle here.

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    Just a tip in taking photos:
    - Don't just take one snapshot, take many shots. multiple shots.
    - Don't just take on one angle, take from different angles.
    - Don't take only one setting from the camera, take a shot of different settings.


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