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Thread: Your Most BS BnS Experience

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    Chinese saying: A single type of rice feeds a hundred different types of people...

    Met some nasty/unethical sellers before but thankfully my money never ended up in their hands. So far bought at 2 film bodies, 1 10D, 1 24-105USM, a few bags, a couple more lenses. All still in use except 1 lens that i eventually sold away to fund another purchase. Rude people? I tend to just forget them... Their loss anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sausage View Post
    The usual call-seller-and-agree-to-meet-2 days-later to deal at his requested price, then the night before you call him to remind him, and he tells you he already sold it the day before to someone who offered a better price. When you didn't even haggle over the price.
    I agreed to buy a Crumpler bag from a Clubsnapper and asked for him to reserve the item for me pending viewing. Then I arranged to go down to his home the next evening after work. The next day, he started making excuses like a bit busy, so meet another day... then later he told me he sold it to someone else because I lacked commitment. What BS! Complete lack of ethics, and he claimed it was a misunderstanding.

    I also sold a set of closeup filters to this guy. The agreed price was $70, but he turned up with $69 and claimed that it is all he has on him. The things people will do to get a dollar off.

    There's this other guy, who claims that he shoots for his church. So, I thought... church photographer, must be honest. He advertised the item as condition 10, excellent condition, etc... We arranged to meet in the afternoon, but he turned up at my place only at night. My guess is, he expected the lighting to be poorer at night. I took a look at the item, and it was nowhere close to a 10. I think it is at best an 8 given all the scratches I spotted. So, I turned down the deal. Complete waste of time.

    But having said that... I also had a few very good experiences. Most of the peopl who wants to buy stuff turn up and were very happy with the condition of the items I sell. We usually have a good chat before parting ways. I also bought a couple of nice stuff from fellow Clubsnappers. Well... I guess it's not all bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowmera View Post
    I don't understand why they don't have the guts to inform the seller that they have changed their minds. I believe most sellers will not be pissed at all.
    Exactly. I hate it when they say things like they sold the item off to someone else because I lacked commitment... Could have just said he changed his mind and decided not to sell to me. That would have been much more straight forward and nicer.

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    Thats why with all this experiences, i try on my part to play very fair now. which PM comes in first at the bnp, gets it first, if he decides to back out before we meet, it goes to 2nd in the list. what i just hate is when we frigging meet, things starts to take a turn which is why for me, now i say....self collect. knn petrol very ex, hor sim go all the way to sell and kana nonsense.

    It has come to a point that I refuse to trade in my other hobby forum. wth, just buy brand new if i need to, dun want it give nephew, hey, which boy is not happy to have a Barracuda R2 remote control car man?

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