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Thread: my boss/agent MIA

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    Quote Originally Posted by likimikuku View Post
    thank for all the blessing.... i finally get the salary.. but it is not direct from him... he ask some1 to pass it to us...
    and we still cannot get him...

    some of the coll only get half a month... lucky i got full salary...

    i guess this is bad?? izzit??
    count yourself lucky! Now time to get back, next month may not be that lucky.

    this reminds me of Suzhou IP late 90s. mid 90s everyone rushing there. late 90s everyone returned, suay suay Asian Financial crisis, cannot find job.

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    Mate....count your blessings that you got the cut your losses and head back home asap.....this is only going to get worse. The troubling thing is that the big guy is not coming out in the open to re-assure everyone that their jobs/salaries are secure. Time to jump ship I would say.

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    i seriously think you should be planning an exit strategy.. cut down on the consumption and all for now.. you may have gotten your salary but it's pretty obvious your company is running into situations... touch wood, but your next salary is not confirmed even if the boss turns up...

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    Oh my... Ts, I think you better decide this one early, my friends also have gotten out from that place w/o their salaries gettin paid, some of them are still there waiting..
    So pity that some proj are being closed there...
    ╬Pachelbel in D .357cal

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kwok View Post
    You got the full salary, we call it a fortunate case in the unfortunate situation. But such an incident is a morale stopper. Unless you wish to be in more exciting situation again, personally will suggest you start thinking about your future

    Your other colleagues that got half the salary will probably already have a good idea where they are heading for

    Uncontactable superior in my point of view is absolutely unacceptable. It is the responsibility of the superior to be ahead of the employees and answer their doubts when it arise. Failure to do so shaken the confidence of the subordinates. It will be consider negligence if knowing there is already a hoohaa going on and yet he/she did not appear to salvage the situation and use a middleman to pass information. I totally see it as a irresponsible attitude in handling the case and on the verge of disappearance.

    My 2 cents worth
    actually some of us wan to leave(including me)...
    as what u said is right... is ain't going to motivate a employee when such thing happen...
    most of them is in contract....
    thank god that i am not in contract... guess i just have to wait till next month to c how..

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