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Thread: how do i get expired film

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    Default how do i get expired film

    i have used an expired roll of film with my manual focus cameras too and i got to use that because the previous owner threw it in with the camera when i bought it with him. i liked how it turned out rather grainy and lacking in vivid colour, but i do not know how to get expired film, and that's where i need help on.

    do you simple keep your film for very long then it 'expires'?
    if so, how long do i keep it for?

    and do different films from different brands give different effects when expired or even when they're not?

    thanks for reading, (and helping),

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    Default Re: how do i get expired film

    Either you have a lot of patience (expiry date is stated on the film box) or you can look though the Personal Classifieds here. Alternatively you can also check the Lomotion forum, they are more into film photography.

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    Default Re: how do i get expired film

    Try Filmfreak:

    They have an eye-boggling range of (ultra) expired films.

    Although shipping is likely to cost u a bit.


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