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Thread: Transcend 133X 8GB and 16GB

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    Default Transcend 133X 8GB and 16GB

    Any users out there of this brand?

    how are they compared to kingston and sandisk?

    how is their failure rate? is their RMA as easy as kingston?

    thinking of buying a few pieces, how to get some feedback here

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Transcend 133X 8GB and 16GB

    I've been using the Transcend 120x and 133x 8Gb CF cards for quite some time now with no problems. It's been about 3 years already.

    I'm currently using the 300x UDMA 8Gb cards. Also no problems. But you ought to read the thread here where a CSer had problems with this brand. I'm using a Nikon system and I've not had any problems with Transcend.

    Can't help you with the 16Gb though.

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    Default Re: Transcend 133X 8GB and 16GB

    One word to summarise 'AVOID'
    Transcend is the one u should buy only when all the other manuafacturers ceased making cf card...
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    Default Re: Transcend 133X 8GB and 16GB

    Use Transcend 133X 8GB and 4GB for almost a year with Nikon so far no problem, quite reliable, filled up the 8GB card on a few shoots and no issues at all. Saw they got faster speed cards but price/performance wise, 133X is still best value for money.


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