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    Would appreciate feedback on this.

    Photo was taken while I was in the Philippines. While waiting for our transport to arrive, I noticed this girl playing alone. A friend offered her some biscuits, which she accepted, but she never lost that look of suspicion.
    Photo has been edited for a "sepia" effect.
    Amateur effort at a portrait, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    The composition and the posing are the best of the varables.
    The little girl is out of focus and the overall image is a little too dark in my opinion.

    You captured a lot of emotion here.

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    Picture is a bit tight, will prefer more of the background capture.
    Focus is on the grass at the back, for portraits will prefer to focus on the eyes of the person.
    I'm looking at a different perpective of life.

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    for portraits, you can get everything blur if you want, that is another discussion for another day.

    but get the eyes in focus. if the eyes are not in focus, then you lose all life. your focus is on the background here. where is your subject?

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    Looks like very old sepia... Need to be careful of focus. The girl looks more like.. 'UNCLE.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?'

    Somehow .. the picture felt distance....


    Shoot more.

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    What's your motivation for a sepia post process. I do not think it suits the image. Also, focus is totally off, and I do not believe it is intentional. Why pick the grass behind the girl to be in focus? It contributes nothing to the image.

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    This is more belongs to the children/candid/reportage section. An impromptu attempt. Seems like done in a hurry.


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