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Thread: The Black and white dreamy beach

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    Default The Black and white dreamy beach

    What i Did.

    - post process, make it black and white, added blur.

    What i have to achieve - a dreamy effect. to be printed out on postcard size

    how i feel.
    I personally love this photo and its blury effect. But I am rather unsure how other people would react to such blury photos. Hence I would like to have your comments on this photo.
    Any C&C issues on composition, exposure,etc are welcome too..

    ps mod. i posted this before but that was during the down time...i see that it didnt get it up so i post again.

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    Default Re: The Black and white dreamy beach

    I would prefer it without the blur. There is a way to add a softening without blurring the whole picture over so significantly. Ideally, I'd still like to clearly see detail of the boardwalk and the ferris wheel. It doesn't make sense having the whole image blurred as if it is out of focus, rather than a softening glow to achieve that dreamy effect.

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    Default Re: The Black and white dreamy beach

    Poll is closed.

    The critique corner is set up to facilitate in-depth discussion of photos, and we discourage one-liner comments like "very nice" or "try harder".

    Setting up a poll in such a manner here goes against our intention for the critique corner.


    As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision.


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