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Thread: Lens Choice For Aviation

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    Default Lens Choice For Aviation

    Hi,i am a newbie here but using P&S for about 3 years already.Deciding to upgrade to my first DSLR-Canon 50d. However, i am puzzled over which lens (for aviation purposes to buy).
    The 70-300 IS USM OR 70-200 F4(No IS)
    -The problems are that the 70-300 has difficulty of placing a filter as the front end would rotate. For, the 70-200 F4 it has a better image quality but i wont be using tripods at all!!! therefore would the lack of IS become a problem?( i don't want the photos to come out all blurred) And, would 200mm be enough reach in Changi?
    -Also,would it be a hassle to carry it around if i bring it on holidays?

    Please Advise,

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    The F4 is not heavy.

    I guess you are shooting in the day. You'll be fine without IS.

    You might need a longer reach. How about a 300 F4 if you are willing to spend a bit more?

    Well, at the end of the day, you are the one bringing it around. So what's your say?

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    Default Re: Lens Choice For Aviation

    there's quite a few shooters at changi beach during the weekends. maybe you can check out which lens they are using.
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    You mean something like this??

    I was using a 70-210 f4-5.6 lens... and the speed is pretty high, no need for tripod, handheld.
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