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Thread: Recommend cheap and good netbook

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    Default Recommend cheap and good netbook

    I need a netbook for an upcoming trip. Mainly will be using it to back up my photos. Don't need very fast one, just basic will do as I will only use it to surf net and back up shots. Prefer one that comes with a big harddisk. I've looked around and the Asus 1000HE looks like a good deal, hoping to get it for 6xx at the IT show. But before I do are there any better / cheaper options? Don't really care about the looks, just want one thats cheap and good. Thanks guys.

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    I just got a MSI two weeks ago. No regret.
    Lenovo s10 is a good option too.

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    I've got a Lenovo S10 and would recommend it because it is sturdily built. You need one which can take some punishment as traveling will always subject it to knocks and bumps.



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