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Thread: how do u put your camera in camera bag

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    Default Re: how do u put your camera in camera bag

    Quote Originally Posted by geraldkhoo View Post
    I carry my camera body and lens one of two ways...

    1. Lens attached to the camera and lens down with LCD up. I do this so that if there is any dust in the body, I don't want it to drop on the CCD/CMOS sensor. This way also helps when the body is attached to a heavy lens. I almost never place my camera the other way, i.e. LCD down and lens up.

    2. I remove the lens and body and pack them separately. The body would then be standing upwards with the portion where you attach a tripod down. I find that with more gear, detaching the lens and body allows me to pack more into the bag.
    Same here

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    Default Re: how do u put your camera in camera bag

    Quote Originally Posted by coinfucious888 View Post
    I use a Pelican 1500 to store and lug my equipment around. This crush proofed, water proofed and dust proofed allows me to store my modest equipment consisting of a D300 body, 18-200 VR, 85mm 1.8, 60mm 2.8 lenses; MB-D10,lens hoods,a spare CF card and finally a spare battery.

    With pick and pluck foam internally, I can customise into compartments where the aforementioned equipment are kept.

    Bought it for USD $200 including shipping, it may deemed to be excessive but is a drop in the ocean when you take into account the cost of the equipment it is protecting.
    Won't that be inconvenient? Especially if you've got to keep taking the camera in and out/changing lenses.

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    it really depends on what you will be doing..

    Do you need to do quick shooting or normal shooting? Coz for me, i normally do quick shooting, so lens will have to attached to the body with the lcd screen facing up.. So, whenever a moment of opportunity arises and its only for a few seconds, and I want to take the shot, all i need to do is take the camera by the grip, point the camera, do adjusting damn quick and shoot!! Well, thats for me though.. It really have to depend on your individual needs..

    anyway, dun fret about it.. Just pack your camera as the way you always do and see how.. and i guarantee you will change your style of packing as the way you want it..
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