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Thread: Nikon AF-S 500mm will you try it before you buy ?

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    Default Re: Nikon AF-S 500mm will you try it before you buy ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Guncon View Post
    Everybody likes exotic glass. Nikon Singapore probably receives all kinds of unsolicited queries for such loans all the time. The fact that they were prepared to entertain your cold-call request and offered a 400mm big glass for test is already testimony to their good customer service.

    Reading your post, it appears that you were going to order from the net in any event. It appears that you were never planning to buy from Nikon Singapore, loaning of test set or otherwise. In this context, why should Nikon Singapore satisfy your curiosity just for the sake of it? Your request for a test set was on bad faith in the first place.

    Are you a troll, benz61? I think this is a flamebait and the moderator would be wise to delete this groundless accusation that is attempting to tarnish Nikon Singapore's good name.

    btw, I am not a Nikon Singapore staff, nor am I a Nikon user.
    Sorry just for your info I wanted to buy from Cathay Photo they suggested I go talk to Nikon Sinagpore to try. Anyway , please don't go anymore further as this is getting out of hand I apologise to everyone here for all the inconvience that I ahve caused.

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    Default Re: Nikon AF-S 500mm will you try it before you buy ?

    Like you have mentioned, they will loan to people with shops which I pressumed are those AUTHORIZED dealers, in this case you are just a Mr ABC. To offered any lenses to anyone i.e. you, wanting to TEST only, out of their premises will then be consider a stupid action.

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