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Thread: Pentax Digital MF!

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    Default Pentax Digital MF!

    Pentax's digital MediumFormat!
    Cheers for the legacy

    Though, not like many of us will be able to afford one, especially not me

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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    Great! Great marketing move
    No, not being sarcastic.

    Silly nin-nins out there will be so WoW!ed by this big gun that they WILL bother to look at Pentax. Pentax becomes "that" company with digital MF. Big price tag is another good marketing. Will certainly attract attention.

    Now all they need to do is hand out the mock ups to each of their dealers as a marketing display.

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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    I hope it helps to raise their profile ... Its nice knowing that we have a digital MF... But probably only sell well in Japan... Japanese like to buy japan goods...Maybe some die hard pentaxian will buy as well...

    Other than that, its kinda hard to break into the MF market with the establish names out there... unless its comparative cheaper and offers the same performance level, else the commercial shooters will stick to existing brands names...
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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    Actually there are quite a lot 645 MF lenses sold worldwide, and many photographers are still using Pentax 645 camera for various purposes. I'm sure the market is there. It's just how much they are looking for at the initial stage. Hopefully when they see the market growing, they'd push the production, thus lower prices.

    It's a great news though. Let's see how it goes.

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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    production should be by order rather then mass production...usually equates better quality control but not much chance of price lower.
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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    Hmm, just wondering but will Pentax be the first DSLR producing company to go into MF?

    Maybe Pentax decided to cut out the FF dslr bodies and the next upgrade for users will be no choice but a MediumFormat
    Can't say that Pentax doesn't offer Pro-expansion-options now then. It's merely how Pro you wanna get :P
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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    I will apply for financial bail-out money to fund this proposed acquisition...

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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    Quote Originally Posted by creampuff View Post
    I will apply for financial bail-out money to fund this proposed acquisition...
    Bail-out approved! Kindly proceed with acquisition. <;
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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    First FF 35mm Digital MZ-S, disappeared into thin air, next Digital 645 MF, again scraped, now...? Yawn...
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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    I think they already produced and show a working digital 645 MF previously. It's kinda waste if they don't launch it. In fact, they were very much prepared for a launch and one of the key issues at taht time was with distribution.
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    Default Re: Pentax Digital MF!

    about time!

    not sure about the design thou..haha..looks bloated..prefer the contax 645 edgy look..

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