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    My client asked me to help them to develop one of the pictures which I took for them for their wedding dinner. May I know what is the usual size of the picture that people will display at their reception? And where can I get it printed and framed?

    Would appreciate it if there's anyone who can advise me on this.


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    it depends on where you display it.

    if its on the reception table, then anything from 8R to 12R. you could always print a few 6Rs, if you're printing more than one photo.

    if you're hanging the photo somewhere (maybe at the entrance to the restaurant), then you probably need to print something that is much larger.

    you can print up to 10R (i think) at the regular print shops like kodak or fuji. depending on what frame you want, you can either buy your own frame or to just get someone to do the printing and framing together. (that i can't really help you)


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