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Thread: Photo printer.

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    Default Photo printer.

    Im looking to buy a photo printer. any ideas what to look out for. totally noob in this area.

    budget abt 250, lower better. brand dun really matter to me so long as it function well

    i just need to print photos.

    anyone did any analysis if photo printers are better than those in photoshop? and it is more cost effective in the long run?


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    Default Re: Photo printer.

    Sorry I don't own a photo printer currently but I have seen photos printed from a cheap Sony photo printer before and it looks good. You can check out the Canon or HP ones too.
    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Default Re: Photo printer.

    Epson is very good too.

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    Default Re: Photo printer.

    If you do a search for "photo printer" you will find MANY threads dealing with this already.

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    Default Re: Photo printer.

    wrong section

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    Default Re: Photo printer.

    yea i search the threads.
    but i wonder if anyone have more detailed descriptions.
    such as wat is the min requirement (res) for 4R photos, etc.
    issues with servicing...

    btw mods can shift this


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