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    Good day to all,

    i need help from seniors out here, i will be going oversea this saturday to china, as this is my 1st trip oversea with my DSLR i hope i can receive tips and things to watch for when traveling, like what to bring? what to watch out for in cold weather eg.?

    hope to receive all helpful tips and reminders


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    Default Re: Need Help

    bring charger
    extra battery
    lots of memory cards

    don't worry so much, just make sure you enjoy your trip

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    Hi bro,

    When travelling to overseas, the basic safety & security is a major concern. Always be on your guard against robbers and pickpockets.

    Since the weather is cold, you may want to keep your batteries warm so that they will hold their charge. You can keep them in your pockets or close to your body. When moving into indoors, there may be condensation. You may want to clean that way.

    That's all I can think of for now. I think this has been asked before as well, so you may want to do a search.
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    watch your bag at all times, keep your camera bag in front of you. it is best to travel light so go for light zoom lenses.


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