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Thread: Picture from Canon A40

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    Originally posted by dbchoong
    It is still about 16cm to be able to focus. But the picture is magnified.

    I would say the close-up filter is like a magnifying glass.

    thank for the tips. btw, do local carry the lens adaptor already ?

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    Originally posted by copland

    Baby Maro,

    May I know the settings you used for this shot?

    Shutter speed: 1"
    Aperture : 14
    Curves slightly adjusted in Photoshop.
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    Originally posted by Tweek

    Sorry huh, a bit off topic. Here are 2 samples showing the effect of using a polariser. Both photos are taken at around the same time, same scene, and not adjusted digitally at all.

    Without Polariser:

    With Polariser:

    The blue of the sky is enhanced, while the blocks of flats still maintain roughly the same colours.
    when using a polariser, the effect will be even more enchanced if the sun is 90 degrees to your viewpoint on the camera.... try it

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    Default Re: A40 vs S40 comparison

    Originally posted by dbchoong
    Here's a first one. Both in 1024x768, Superfine, ISO50, Auto.

    We chose this because of the contrast of shaded and bright to see how it handles both in the same photo.

    The wall on the left is actually NOT pink, it's more like the biege like the one in the A40 photo.

    Yes, I also thought UV lens only protects the lens and not enhances photos. Somehow, on a bright day, the UV filter seem to be doing wonders for my A40.

    Notice the distant buildings in the background?? The buildings on A40 pic seems more clear due to the UV filter cos the UV filter cuts down the haze caused by UV rays

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    from Tioman.....
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