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Thread: GRD users still?

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    Default GRD users still?

    hi all, just wondering anyone still using their grd?
    i know i'm still using it as my main camera.
    luv it very much and just can't let it go
    anyone out there like me?

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    Hi Shane, the GRD is my main camera too

    U can check out the pics in my Flickr

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    Default Re: GRD users still?

    hi tan, nice series there
    many times i tot of buying another digital compact like dlux 4...
    but nothin beat the character of a grd.
    i'm bias i guess

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    Default Re: GRD users still?

    Thanks for the compliments. Good to knoe of another GRD only user. Shane, you got the point there. I can't justify how by buying another camera will improve my eye other then distract me. Love how no one pays attention to the camera

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    yes. very understated indeed.
    am eagerly waiting for gr3 to see wat ricoh has to offer


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