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Thread: Wedding Photos: Colour, Washed, Sepia or B/W

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    Default Wedding Photos: Colour, Washed, Sepia or B/W

    Hi all,

    I have some questions to wedding photographers and general event photographers alike.

    As everyone shoots in full colour, sometimes photos end up being Sepia or b/w, is it because it better suits the mood? Or is it because the colour balance is incorrectable?

    And in your printed albums, how do you arrange the photos? Mixed colours and b/w together or have them sorted - Colours in front, b/w behind, or in 2 seperate albums.

    Has anyone shot an entire AD wedding with the shots all processed to b/w for the client?

    Just curious after browsing through some online portfolios to see most photographers seem to disregard whether the photos are in colour or in b/w.

    Hope to learn a thing or 2 from the pros!

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    Default Re: Wedding Photos: Colour, Washed, Sepia or B/W

    If you plan to shoot it entirely in B/W you might consider getting film for that.
    I'm no pro nor a wedding photog but film is the way to go if you decide to really shoot B&W!

    A rangefinder or manual slr should be small enough to keep as a secondary body, with your DSLR for the main.

    I don't think it's disregard, but as you can see, most wedding photogs these days are more into seeing themselves as artists, so as with art, it's all subject to the tastes of artist and what he's trying to convey to you. The client is still important, but they chose you after viewing your portfolio and are satisfied with your "artistic standard/expressions".

    As for incorrectible color balance, that may be a possibility if that shot you decide is not worth being discarded due to color reasons alone.

    You can always discuss with your client on creating a B&W book.


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