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Thread: Night Shots @ Boat Quay

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    Default Night Shots @ Boat Quay

    I've taken some night shots at Boat Quay. Feel free to enjoy the photos. You may need to sign up to view all my photos. Membership is free. Enjoy.

    If you would like to join me in the next photo shooting and clubbing, send me a message.

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    Well, just a small comment. Almost all the shots are of buildings accross the water. As such, many of the shots look almost the same with very small variations. It would have been better if you had selected the best 2-3 shots of each type and put it up, for example best 2-3 shots of boat quay accross the river. Similarly for esplanade shots , merlion shots etc.

    Also I would have liked some shots of people etc. I feel it would add some more variety to the photos, and show more about the character of the place.


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